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Welcome! I’m so glad you are here….I’m Stefanie. I’m a mom of two kids and two dogs, as well as a yoga teacher and student. I’d be lost without books and things that bloom, both inside and out. When I turned to yoga as a way to balance the challenging transition from my corporate job to full-time mom, I had no idea teaching yoga would eventually become my new career. It happened over time, one class led to another, and then one teacher training (link to list of trainings) led to another and another. I am now E-200 hour certified with an emphasis on gentle and restorative yoga, and in the homestretch of completing my advanced 500 hour certification.

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Warm.  Soothing. Empowering. Relaxing. Caring. Mindful.  These are words that come to mind when I think of my yoga practice with Stefanie.  Whenever I’m in a session with Stefanie I feel both spoiled and cared for in body and mind.  Her gentleness is evident in the soothing tones of her voice and her gentle touch to give you an extra little stretch.  What’s even more wonderful about practicing with Stefanie is her care extends beyond her bidding you Namaste.  You carry it with you in your yoga heart and mind until you meet with her again.  My yoga practice wouldn’t be the same without her.

Jill H.

Stefanie Haberman is the most wonderful yoga instructor I have ever practiced with. She is wise, funny, perceptive, calm and soothing, and always seems to know exactly what you need to practice in yoga that day. Her restorative yoga classes are the best I have ever taken. I look forward to practicing with her every week.

Laura ZF

I have been taking semi-private yoga lessons from Stefanie for over five years and I find her teaching style very unique and effective.  Because she continually invests in her own professional development, she offers a wide range of poses and flows that are easily accessible for students who are experiencing temporary injuries or pain. Her willingness and ability to adapt to changing circumstances has enabled me to continue a regular practice, even though I have moved to another state.  I especially appreciate her cuing, which makes it easy to follow even with eyes closed, and her ability to build up carefully to the most difficult poses, keeping her students safe. 



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