Whether you are brand new to yoga, returning to the practice after illness or injury or feel the need for a refresher, private lessons are a great way get you on your mat. Learn the basics at your own pace, enjoying the freedom to ask questions, and receive personal attention that you would not get in a group class.


These one-on-one 60-minute sessions are tailored to suit your yoga needs.


Private lessons may be right for you if:

  •  You are new to yoga and would like to learn the basics at your own pace.  

  • You’d like to learn yoga in a comfortable private setting giving you the chance to ask questions, rest if you need to, and/or learn how to modify poses to accommodate injuries or physical limitations.

  • You haven’t practiced yoga in a while and would like a refresher before taking a group class.

  • You’re interested in reducing stress and tension with a more therapeutic practice that incorporates restorative yoga, breath work, healing meditation and aromatherapy.

  • You’d like to work towards a specific goal like increased flexibility, balance and strength, or stress reduction and relaxation.

  • Or you just want to fine-tune your practice. 

What People are Saying….

I tried yoga so many times and never liked it and never thought it was for me, until I met Stefanie!!! During our private lessons, she offered guidance, patience, and understanding of what my "senior" body with osteoporosis can do.  I now love yoga and what it has done for my sense of well being. I am forever grateful!

-Randy B. 

I've been taking Stefanie's private yoga classes now for about 2 years, and I absolutely love them!  Stefanie’s private classes fit my busy schedule and give me a convenient time to work on breathing, stretching, strengthening and refocusing my energy. I have a long-standing injury from an accident with some on-going flexibility challenges in one knee.  Stefanie teaches her classes with individual modifications that adjust for my limitations and any current strains but still provide a balanced stretch along with much needed strengthening.  With crowded group lessons, I had a tendency to strain or injure myself with improper postures, with the private lessons, I have the individual attention to correct poses and strengthen previously neglected muscles which helps with other sports and everyday life. She adds the right mix of poses and calming breathing so that I leave feeling stronger, stretched and relaxed. I see these classes as my sacred personal time to bring a sense of wellness and Zen to my hectic life.

-Connie L.

Warm.  Soothing. Empowering. Relaxing. Caring. Mindful.  These are words that come to mind when I think of my yoga practice with Stefanie.  Whenever I’m in a session with Stefanie I feel both spoiled and cared for in body and mind.  Her gentleness is evident in the soothing tones of her voice and her gentle touch to give you an extra little stretch.  What’s even more wonderful about practicing with Stefanie is her care extends beyond her bidding you Namaste.  You carry it with you in your yoga heart and mind until you meet with her again.  My yoga practice wouldn’t be the same without her.

- Jill H.

Stefanie is a favorite yoga teacher of mine.  She offers a practice with the perfect balance between breath work, asana, and meditation.  She has helped me strengthen and stretch when I am feeling strong, but has also helped me maintain an appropriate practice through injury and rehabilitation.  I know after a class with Stefanie I will leave restored and rejuvenated!

- Leslie I.

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