I was initially drawn to yoga to create balance in my life as a new mom. I’d left my corporate job with no regrets, but found the transition from independent working woman to very much depended upon stay-at-home mom to be challenging, stressful and, at times, very isolating. Yoga helped ease all of that. It took just one class for me to begin to reconnect with my post-partum body, calm my scattered mind and feel the bliss of much needed relaxation in savasana. I drank the Yogi tea and was instantly hooked. 


My first career was in book publishing, and I can always be found with a stack of books by my bedside, in my bag or scattered throughout my house.  It was only natural for me to start reading about yoga and expand my knowledge of the practice. The more I learned, the more I realized I wanted to share this healing practice with others. I continued my yoga journey to become certified to teach. Over time, one training has led to another as well as created greater teaching opportunities and a community of amazing loyal students and private clients.


Today, as my personal yoga practice has become less vigorous and more introspective, so has the focus of my teaching. I’ve felt the need to balance the fast pace of vinyasa classes with the calm and mindful practice of gentle and restorative yoga. I enjoy incorporating the healing elements of these practices along with breath work, meditation, and essential oils into each of my classes, creating an atmosphere that is nurturing and rejuvenating. 


In both my group classes and private lessons I strive to create an environment where people feel comfortable and relaxed whether they are brand new to yoga, or have been practicing for years. Through yoga, I love helping my students build strength, flexibilty and balance as well as ease tension and stress to find peace and joy in their lives. I’m so grateful for the support and guidance of my inspiring teachers and my enlightening students from whom I’m always learning. 


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