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Restorative Pose: Lounge Chair

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

This pose has various names, Empress and supported heart opener to name two, but I prefer Lounge Chair because that’s what it feels like I’m doing in this pose --- lounging! Your upper body and legs are supported on bolsters or pillows, your arms are resting by your side, and a blanket can be placed over your body to stay cozy and grounded.

Here are the props you will need:

-2 bolsters or 1 firm sofa cushion and a bed pillow or rolled up thick blanket

-1 block or thick book to support a bolster/cushion

- Optional extras -- blanket for over body, eye pillow, essential oils

To practice:

Place a block/book under one side of a bolster/cushion so that side is propped up on a slight incline.

Position the other bolster/pillow/rolled blanket about a foot away from the other end of the bolster in a horizontal position (so it will be perpendicular to the inclined bolster).

Sit at the edge of the inclined bolster facing away from it. Your low back should be touching the edge of the bolster. Bend your knees and place the other bolster beneath them. Slowly lower your upper body onto the inclined bolster. Lengthen your legs forward, adjusting the other bolster under your legs so it supports the back of your knees. Option to place a blanket over your body for warmth or grounding.

You can stay in Lounge Chair pose for up to 15 minutes. If at any time the pose is no longer comfortable please come out of it. You can’t relax if you’re uncomfortable : )

To come out of pose, lengthen your arms and legs to a full stretch, then bend your knees placing the soles of your feet on the ground. Slowly shift your hips to one side. Rolling to your side, press your palms into the ground and come up to sit. Take a moment to reflect on how you feel before continuing with the rest of your day.


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